Weather here in Wisconsin the past few weeks has been cold…like below zero cold but today and tomorrow our temps and wind chill take us to 40-50 below zero!  That’s cold!

Tonight I put a little heater under the sink to keep the pipes from freezing.  I also changed the furnace filter.  Trying to do all the things your suppose to do.  At work today, I went out and started my car to let it run for about 10 minutes each time.  Just to keep the motor warm, keep the oil moving…all those things my dad always told me to do.  See Dad, I was listening!  :o)

I worry about all the critters outside, hoping they stay warm somehow and even though I can’t do anything about this I also worry about any animals (cats/dogs) that are outside dogs…hoping their owners take them in, keep them warm and safe.

These cold winter nights, I’ve been warming up some of my homemade Grandma’s Apple Pie Moonshine.  I made this a couple of weeks prior to  Christmas and boy oh boy, does it warm you up prior to going to bed at night…I do actually warm it up too.  Here’s the recipe I used:

  • 1 Gallon Spiced Apple Cider
  • 1 Gallon Apple Juice
  • 1 1/2 Cup Granulated Sugar
  • 1 1/2 Cup Light Brown Sugar
  • 8 Whole Cinnamon Sticks (and extra for the jars)
  • 1 Bottle (750 ml) Vanilla Vodka
  • 1 Bottle (750 ml) Everclear

Combine all ingredients except alcohol in a large stockpot and bring to a boil, remove from heat and cool at room temperature. Once cooled, add alcohol.  Transfer to sterile mason jars.  Add a couple of cinnamon sticks (using one from the boiled mixture and a new one) to each mason jar.  Store in a dark, cool room for a weeks before consumption.  Serve warm or cold.   Oh yeah!  So good, warms you up from the inside out!  Enjoy!

Little bit of Heaven~
Little bit of Heaven