Sharing an awesome recipe for Corned Beef Cabbage.  My husband loves this meal…and when I first started trying recipes I went through quite a few methods of preparing it.  I first tried boiling it and simmering all day, after many failed attempts my next method was the crock pot.  Again, I tried several different methods.  I think one recipe called for water, one called for beer and so on…for us it was way to salty.

Then along came this recipe (I took a picture right from my cookbook!):

Corned Beef Cabbage RecipeThis recipe is from Chef Andrew who I believe co-owned a restaurant here in Green Bay some years ago.  I’ve now been making this recipe for about 10 years and haven’t had a bad batch of corned beef since.  Tender, juicy, perfect every time!

And you have to make the colcannon potatoes as no St. Patrick’s Day dinner is complete without them.  I serve them with melted butter and a little sour cream on the side!

I hope you try this and enjoy it as much as we do!