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I love sitting down and creating! For me it’s finding the time to do it. The best part is when I can do with someone else like my little sister Jessie. I especially love making gifts. Seeing faces of family and friends when they open up something you created putting your all heart and soul in to it – theres nothing better!

DIY Biodegradable Seed Starter Pots

DIY Biodegradable Seed Starter Pots

Newspaper Seed Starters
Newspaper Seed Starters

Starting seed doesn’t have to be expensive by going out and buying those pre-made kits or the little peat pots or trays.  You can use what you already have lying around at home.  Seeds are also much less expensive than buying plants or plugs.

Products you can use to make biodegradable pots are egg cartons, newspaper or toilet paper/paper towel rolls.   In our example we used newspaper.  You’ll also need scissors and form.  You can use an empty toilet paper roll or a 6 oz. can (like the kind a small can like tomato paste comes in).

Directions are as easy as this:

  • Use a couple of sheets of newspaper, cut them into thirds lengthwise.
  • Place your form (TP roll or can) on the newspaper leaving a good inch of the form hanging off the end.
  • Roll the form along the newspaper loosely until it’s wrapped all the way around.  Too tight and it’s hard to remove the newspaper from the form.
  • Then just fold the edges of the newspaper down over the form all the way around forming the bottom of the pot.
  • Flip the form over right side up and press down firmly.
  • Slide the form out and you’ve created your own biodegradable pot!

Once your pots are filled with compost soil, place the pots on a tray and moisten the soil very gently.  If support is needed, line other pots up – this also helps maintain moisture in the paper walls of the pots and plant your seed.  The location of you seed pots should be in a warm, sun filled window.  In a couple of days you should see tiny little green shoots.

Once your seedlings are large enough and weather allows you can start bringing them outside for the day.  Just bring them in at night for a good week prior to planning them.  This will help harden them up a bit prior to transplanting into your garden or larger pots such as planters or hanging baskets.

Benefits of biodegradable pots are when you’re transplanting the seedlings into the garden or a larger container you can plant newspaper right with the plant.  The newspaper will decompose naturally into the soil and doesn’t’ stress out the young root system of your plants.

Glass Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Glass Snapdragon Christmas Ornament
Glass Snapdragon Christmas Ornament

I made these glass ornaments this past Christmas and had a blast doing it!

They are super easy and are so pretty on the tree. Each one is so different. I love glitter and sparkle and Christmas so I decked these out with lots of bling.

I bought the glass ornaments at Hobby Lobby in the glass isle.
You’ll also need:

  • Tissue paper – any design you like
  • Modge Podge
  • Brush – I use disposable styrofoam
  • Paper Tag (you can make too!)
  • Matching Ribbon
  • Glass crystals…Hobby Lobby in the christmas ornament isle.

I took off the hanger so I could stick my finger in the hole, makes it less messy.  Start slowing modge podging the ornament and laying the paper on, continuing to modge podge over the paper to seal.  When you have the entire ornament covered in tissue, add a bit more modge podge so you can sprinkle on your glitter.  You can also adorn the ornament with glass beads here and there for more bling.

I let it dry for a good 24 hours in a plastic solo up.  Make a matching tag, add the crystal bobble and ribbon and your orament is ready to give as a gift or hang on your tree.

Glass Silent Night Christmas Ormanment
Glass Silent Night Christmas Ormanment

Time out!

This past Christmas our family decided we were going to have a Home-made Christmas – all the gifts we gave were to be hand-made (which by the way – I love!).  So I put my list together trying to figure out what to make everyone. For the great-nephews who are approaching their 3rd, 4th and 2nd birthdays. I thought a “time out” stool would be fun…well maybe for their Mom and Dad…not so much for them! Here are some shots on how they turned out! They were easy to paint and colorful. I used paint pens to decorate the sides and add the lettering.
Football Time Out StoolBaseball Time Out Stool
I bought the stools at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon (went through the line twice) and they were bare wood.   If you download the Hobby Lobby app on your phone, you can show them a coupon for 40% off that you pull up on your phone.

The stools were the perfect size for these little guys.

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