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Family and Friends

My most precious treasures!

Saying good-bye to a good friend is never easy.  Last week I had to say good-bye to a friend I’ve had most of my adult life.  What I wrote on FB pretty much sums it up:

Did you ever have a friend that you shared a special bond with?

A friend you didn’t have to talk with every day but when you did you picked up where you left off and didn’t miss a beat? A friend that could finish your sentences or knew what you were thinking before you said it? A friend you made a ton of wonderful memories with over the years. A friend that shared the same love of music, art, style (like shoes and purses!!), animals (especially long hair dachshunds), work and so many other things. I have been blessed with the love and friendship of Marilyn Giuntini and her girls for many years. Marilyn was amazing, loving, strong, selfless and graceful throughout her life – her girls (and their spouses), grandchildren and friends were her greatest treasures.

One of my favorite bible verses (especially of late) is from Proverbs 31:25: She is clothed in STRENGTH and DIGNITY and she laughs without fear of the future. This is fitting of Marilyn. I am comforted knowing that I’ll see Marilyn again one day, until then I have beautiful memories of her and our friendship.

Love you always my friend and thank you for being a blessing in my life. 

(The above picture was from Dec 27th, 2014 at dinner just prior to a Jim Brickman concert).
I have so many wonderful memories with Marilyn, we would go cross county for a Jim Brickman concert…she introduced me to his music @ a concert in Madison.  I’ll never forgot the ride home that wintery night.  She decided to take a different route home and we got lost at 2 am in the morning!  Geez…what an adventure…and she was laughing and smiling the whole time.  We went to her parents a couple times to spend the weekend and it was so much fun, I’ll never forget those special times spend with her and her parents.
We also went to many craft shows, Wausau, Tomah (Cranberry Fest) and had some great adventures along with several family weddings; her nephews in Davenport, IA and her daughter Aly’s wedding in Stevens Point were very enjoyable and memories I’ll never forget.

She asked me to take her dachshund Scrappy.  I did and I’m glad I have him.  He has fit in well to our home, with Dottie and the kitties Chloe and Lucy.  He’s a sweetheart and just a little love. This is a picture of Dottie (on the left) and Scrappy (on the right).


Thank you for being such a good friend, for lots of good memories and good times that I’ll cherish and remember for the rest of my life.  I hope you send me signs (and I pick up on them) that you’re around and watching over us all.

I love you Mar,


Below is Marilyn’s obituary:

Marilyn A. Giuntini

Marilyn (Pedersen) Giuntini passed away peacefully on January 6, 2016 surrounded by family after a long and courageous 20 year battle with breast cancer.

Although her life has ended, she has won her battle as she managed to fight against cancer to be here for the birth of all three of her grand babies, both daughter’s weddings, family vacations, took a trip back to her former home in Oregon and was present for many birthdays and holidays.

Her determination and strength even allowed her to continue working as a full time employee at WPS all the way up until 2 months prior to her passing. Other former employers include both Humana and Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance.

In Marilyn’s journey, her Oncologist regularly told her that she was one for the record books. Marilyn was not defined by her disease and lived every day to the fullest. Her courage, strength and stamina were admired by all.

Marilyn was bright, creative, energetic, compassionate and faced life with a dogged determination. Her contagious laugh was adored by many as well as her amazing sense of humor.

Marilyn loved attending performance art events and she would have married Josh Groban in a heartbeat. She also adored her furry friends and loved and cared for them all of her life.

Marilyn is survived by her daughters: Allison Giuntini (Eric Scharenbroch), Heather Laukka (Casey); her grandbabies, Alec Scharenbroch, Livia Laukka, and Logan Laukka; brother: Robert Pedersen (Shawn O’Brien), sister-in-law: Lois Giuntini; cousins, nieces, nephews and close friends.

Visitation will be held from 3:00pm until 5:00pm on Tuesday, January 12, 2016, at Lyndahl Funeral Home, 1350 Lombardi Avenue. A memorial service will take place at 5:00pm on Tuesday at the funeral home.

In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to the following:
American Cancer Society and/or Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at and/or
Primary Schlerosing Cholangitis at in Marilyn’s name.



Today was a first…a first for my great nephews who went to their FIRST movie this afternoon…we took them to Frozen for part of their 3rd and 4th birthday presents. It was a ton of fun to watch them and they were sooooooo good.

Chad and his cheesy smile!

Chad is 4 and was so into the movie and all that was happening. My sister said when ‘Olaf’ the cute little snowman in Frozen lost his head and put it on upside down, Chad had his head turned upside down too. So cute. This is our little Monkey Boy with his cheesy smile.

Elijah (Eli) is 3 and he loved the movie but loved his popcorn too!  Just like his Auntie Pegi. Movies aren’t movies without popcorn. Here is a picture of him with his tub of popcorn!

Eli with his big tub of popcorn that is almost as big as he is!

Its fun to be part of firsts!  My mom recently gave me my baby book and as I was looking through it was thinking about all the first she wrote down, first tooth, first haircut, first step, first words.  Baby books have now been replaced by Facebook and blogs, I guess.  I wonder what will be when these little guys grow up?  And how much more technology will take over…

My great nephews mean the world to me and make my life fuller and I feel blessed by them in my life.  They each are joys in their own little way.  Chad is full of expression and the family comic…from the time he was a toddler he loves to do a cheesy smile (above) that will bring a smile to anyones face!  Eli is a lover…he’s a very caring little boy and loves to be loved.  He will often just come to you and hug you just because.

Levi (1 1/2 yrs old) is such a cutie pie to no end, is full of mischief and has a very, very quick smile that extends of ear to ear!

Now that's a smile!
Now that is a smile!

In April we will welcome Alexander!  I can’t wait to meet him and be a part of some of his ‘firsts’!

Pastor Gary Retires

Today I was able to travel to Wausau, WI to be with Gary and Nan and their family for Gary’s retirement. It was a beautiful service at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church, full of glorious music, a  choir that sounded awesome and included brass that was out of this world…gave me goosebumps.

Pastor Gary started the service out by giving a cute children’s sermon using a video from The Sound of Music with the Captain’s children singing the so long, fair well song.

The start of the Children's Sermon
The start of the Children’s Sermon
The Sound of Music Video Clip
The Sound of Music Video Clip

Gary always delivers a sermon with a message is so meaningful and yesterday was no different.  He is a dynamic speaker, he is so easy to listen to and I can apply the sermons and the message to my daily life.

Love the pulpit at St. Stephen's
Love the pulpit at St. Stephen’s
Gary giving his sermon
Gary giving his sermon

Here are some moments I captured from Communion and the Rite of Retirement.

Gary's Rite of Retirement
Gary’s Rite of Retirement

At the end of the service the choir sang the most beautiful benediction that brought moved many to tears.  Here is a picture of Gary as he looks up at the choir singing the benediction.

The Moving Benediction
The Moving Benediction

A reception luncheon was served in the church basement where the congregation at St. Stephen’s sent Gary and Nan off with gifts for them both to enjoy.  A weekend stay at The Inn At Cedar Crossing in Sturgeon Bay and a date night for every month for the next year!

Opening their gifts!
Opening their gifts!

For me, friends are just as important as family and I have found family in my friends…the Froseths are my family and I cherish every moment I spend with them. Don’t ever take your family and friends for granted. I’ve learned, life is way to short…so tell the ones you love and care for that you love them and how much they mean to you.

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