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I like taking pictures, but I’m not a professional by any means.

Another work of art…by our God above

Point Comfort Sunset 2013
Point Comfort Sunset 2013

This is my absolute favorite picture that I’ve taken of the sunset here at Point Comfort. The colors are so vibrant, the water is like glass and the birds are enjoying the evening floating on the water.

I almost missed this.  I caught this in early spring and if anyone knows me, they know in spring I work from sun up to sun down. When you work in the bedding plant industry, springtime is all hands on deck time…its when we may hay!

So, I was coming home and by the hues in the sky I could tell the sunset was going to be spectacular.  I drove in and ran down to the shoreline to catch this!

I hope you enjoy my little piece of heaven…more to come…

God Is Everywhere

I took this picture this past Autumn when my husband and I took a Sunday ride down the back roads, trying to run along the Bay of Green Bay as much as we could to catch the sunset.  We happened upon a little park called Sugar Creek Park between Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay.  I stopped and snapped some shots of the sunset.

After I started looking through them I found this one and what appeared to be a cross on the water as the sun reflected down on it. God is everywhere…you just need to look.

God Is Everywhere

I added the bible verse for a friend of mine who lost his brother last year…thinking it was the most appropriate picture to remember his brother and his legacy.

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