Today was a first…a first for my great nephews who went to their FIRST movie this afternoon…we took them to Frozen for part of their 3rd and 4th birthday presents. It was a ton of fun to watch them and they were sooooooo good.

Chad and his cheesy smile!

Chad is 4 and was so into the movie and all that was happening. My sister said when ‘Olaf’ the cute little snowman in Frozen lost his head and put it on upside down, Chad had his head turned upside down too. So cute. This is our little Monkey Boy with his cheesy smile.

Elijah (Eli) is 3 and he loved the movie but loved his popcorn too!  Just like his Auntie Pegi. Movies aren’t movies without popcorn. Here is a picture of him with his tub of popcorn!

Eli with his big tub of popcorn that is almost as big as he is!

Its fun to be part of firsts!  My mom recently gave me my baby book and as I was looking through it was thinking about all the first she wrote down, first tooth, first haircut, first step, first words.  Baby books have now been replaced by Facebook and blogs, I guess.  I wonder what will be when these little guys grow up?  And how much more technology will take over…

My great nephews mean the world to me and make my life fuller and I feel blessed by them in my life.  They each are joys in their own little way.  Chad is full of expression and the family comic…from the time he was a toddler he loves to do a cheesy smile (above) that will bring a smile to anyones face!  Eli is a lover…he’s a very caring little boy and loves to be loved.  He will often just come to you and hug you just because.

Levi (1 1/2 yrs old) is such a cutie pie to no end, is full of mischief and has a very, very quick smile that extends of ear to ear!

Now that's a smile!
Now that is a smile!

In April we will welcome Alexander!  I can’t wait to meet him and be a part of some of his ‘firsts’!